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Preparation of business strategic plan of the business


The preparation of a business plan or strategic plan focuses on the plans of a company in the medium and long term, establishing the general strategies, as well as the tactics that will be carried out in order to achieve the objectives set. Every corporation needs strategic business planning that provides information about future objectives, however, in order for this document to be truly useful, a company’s business plan must provide a global vision of corporate intentions. To complete the information, the strategic plan includes dates and methods of evaluation, with which to gauge the effectiveness of the strategic plan in a given time.


The strategic plans should not only include quantitative data, they should also refer to internal policies, concrete facts and future actions. At Quabbala we carry out business plans adapted to each company, with measurable objectives and appropriate to the business situation of the company.


International business plan


The actions of internationalization need an elaborate strategic plan that establishes the foundations of the process to be followed, at Quabbala we are experts in company internationalization, our clients enjoy a personalized service of elaboration of strategic plans oriented to the internationalization and export of business models.


We form a multidisciplinary team of experts in different fields, both legal and financial, to develop a business plan of business adjusted to your objectives, effective and able to establish clearly the medium and long-term actions of a company, as well as its process complete internationalization and implementation in foreign markets.