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The internationalization of a business involves a process in which, with the pertinent help, the risk inherent to this type of operations can be reduced until an effective process is completed, which results in the reliable and secure implementation of a company in the international market.


The process of implementation in foreign trade is a process based on a comprehensive strategy that begins in the analysis of the market in which we are going to locate, the detection of niches to be exploited and the subsequent financial and legal strategy to get the brand to integrate successfully in the most favorable economic sector.


Our work is essential from the moment in which a company decides to look for international markets, in Quabbala we are present in the main emerging economies, making a continuous analysis and investment work in these markets that, nowadays, offer the best land to find profitable and lasting opportunities.


Our teams select the best opportunities for our clients, projecting a favorable situation in which to develop profitable economic activity in the long term.

Foreign Trade Analysis


In Quabbala we develop an adapted strategy through multidisciplinary teams formed by lawyers specialized in international trade, native conomists, in order to eliminate all risks during the process of implementation and subsequent development.

We work with long-term projects and clients who want to grow in international markets. Currently, the possibility of exporting a business model or a brand is much safer than in the past, due to the fact that many companies, most of them small and medium-sized, have chosen to establish themselves beyond their own borders. In addition, both, States and other private economic mechanisms encourage this type of behavior, favoring the export of business to different regions of the world.


In Quabbala we analyze foreign trade as an opportunity, our headquarters are present in the main emerging market to offer our clients our own experience, thanks to a team of lawyers and economists prepared to carry out a job in foreign trade adapted to each company.