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Colaboration with external promotion agencies

The promotion and publicity of a company abroad is essential for the implementation process to settle, allowing to start projecting long-term plans. Many Spanish SMEs encounter a problem when planning how to promote a company in foreign markets, in Quabbala we propose several solutions for you to start an internationalization process fully adapted to your needs.


One of the most favorable solutions for Spanish SMEs is the public promotion programs for the internationalization of companies. The Spanish Institute of Foreign Trade (ICEX) offers different possibilities when offering aid to entrepreneurs with international projects, however it is essential to meet the prerequisites to access this type of aid. In addition to this state agency, there are other agencies at the regional level that provide aid to companies with the intention of locating abroad, programs such as Acció, Extenda or Spri finance projects of internationalization of companies, with the aim of facilitating the implementation of companies and advertising abroad.


In Quabbala we collaborate with agencies, both state and autonomous, for the internationalization of companies. To access public aid for foreign trade, it is essential to comply with the previous conditions, since Quabbala we put our experience at the service of our clients so that their projects in international markets are a success.


Foreign promotion in international markets

In addition to collaborating with different public agencies to promote business abroad, in Quabbala we also have an extensive network of contacts in the countries in which we operate. The United Kingdom, Germany, China, Hong Kong and Japan are just some of the countries in which we maintain business partners, and we work with our own organizations to promote the importation of businesses in these territories.


Our clients have the best support at their disposal in the main emerging financial markets of the world to obtain different public aid. Our job is to provide our clients with the help they need at any time and place, with the aim of preparing long-term personalized plans focused on the internationalization of Spanish companies.