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Financial Due Diligence


A Due Diligence report allows to know the general state of a company, it is a process that can be very useful in diverse financial situations, especially during previous research phases.


At Quabbala we carry out different works related to Due Diligence procedures, such as legal audit or fiscal Due Diligence. The main objective of this type of work is to prepare a concrete and true assessment of the real state of a company, however this work does not have to be circumscribed to the financial scope or balance sheets of the company, a Due Diligence work must be able to yield a result that reflects each of the aspects that intervene in the state of a company.


External audit company


The results of an external audit must be independent, only then can we count on a reliable analysis. At Quabbala we are an expert company in external audits and Due Diligence processes, our team evaluates all aspects of the audited company to provide financial, fiscal and legal information about the situation of a company.


As external auditors we carry out integral works, audits on specific aspects and international evaluations, whether they are research work prior to a merger or acquisition or for another corporate purpose.