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As a preliminary step towards the process of internationalization of a company, it is necessary to carry out an exhaustive economic and financial study focused on both the company and the economic sector in which it will be integrated. In addition to the economic and financial analysis of a company, it is also necessary to carry out other technical analyzes such as a sales notebook in merger and acquisition processes or an accounting analysis of the company, with the objective of evaluating the present situation of the company as a previous step to the decision of objectives in the international terrainl.


The economic and financial study of a company is part of the previous research prior to the internationalization of a company, we must know the situation in which we find ourselves in order to start evaluating the market, taking our own situation as a reference. To make correct decisions we use different teams of expert economists, able to provide you with a complete vision of the market you are going to face. The search for financial partners, as well as partners already present in the region, is essential if we look for long-term results.


Our financial economic plan also includes tasks such as horizontal and vertical analysis, coordination of Due Diligence processes, accounting reviews, financial situation of the company, etc., in order to handle all types of economic-financial data that result a reliable and sustained database over time. , it is essential if we look for long-term results.