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International market study


The market study of a given company provides information about the financial status of a sector of a given market. As an expert company in market research, at Quabbala we carry out both vertical and horizontal analysis, in order to provide an accurate view of a financial market, both nationally and internationally.


The horizontal studies seek to determine the absolute or relative variation of each one of the items of the financial statements between two determined periods. The objective of the horizontal analyzes is to analyze if the selected period has been positive, negative or neutral, in order to determine possible future strategies.


In the case of vertical analysis, the objective is to determine the distribution of assets of a company, so that they are proportional and operate according to the financial and operational needs of the company itself.


Market research companies must have tools both to analyze international markets and to provide a complete view of the state of the company concerned, at Quabbala we work to perform functional market studies adapted to our customers and the markets in which they wish to project.


Market analysis adapted to companies and products


A market study of a product or company not only provides information on a specific financial market, it must also analyze both the company itself and its products and services, in order to anticipate the situation that will be faced in a future, something especially useful in internationalization processes. At Quabbala we are experts in conducting international market studies, providing conclusions both from the company itself and from the competition and the market in which it will be present. Our teams work both the legal and the financial part, so that at the moment of beginning to work, our clients can do so by handling accurate information adapted to their needs.


Our experience allows us to handle relevant data obtained directly by doing an active and permanent work, thanks to this process at Quabbala we develop market plans and horizontal and vertical analysis that fit the projects of our customers, creating an internal information network as reliable and advantageous external.