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International market positioning

Market positioning strategies are essential to start working in foreign countries, this type of financial plan allows a newcomer to a market to gain visibility, and can quickly settle in the niche that it has decided to occupy.


For the positioning of a company, it is necessary to have different partners with experience in the market in which we are going to operate, in Quabbala we started by elaborating an exhaustive market research, to then prepare the appropriate strategy to begin the internationalization process.


The market positioning will allow us to differentiate ourselves from a competition already present in the market in which we participate, having advertising and commercial tools allows us to approach the target audience directly, with the promotion tools that are specific to the region in which We are going to carry out the internationalization process.


External positioning strategies

Before starting the process of internationalization of a company it is necessary to plan a personalized strategy, taking into account both the characteristics of the company and the market situation in which we are going to integrate. In Quabbala we carry out both financial and legal studies, in order to generate a favorable situation when it comes to starting work.


Product positioning in the market has a decisive influence on the development of its evolution, which is why, in addition to positioning the brands of our clients, we also work to make their products protagonists in the foreign market, favoring their visibility with the target audience.


Our work is based on personalized international market studies adapted to the company and the objectives set. After the previous investigation, the potential public must be identified and the properties of the product adapted to the international market in which it will be integrated. A comprehensive product strategy is essential to achieve the position we want, in Quabbala we have the necessary equipment to handle truthful and useful information for the international positioning of your brand.