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Business financial plan for public procurement


The contests are a possibility to opt for public financing, however public bodies require a series of requirements to be part of this type of contests. At Quabbala we work together with various public financing programs for the internationalization of companies, both, state (ICEX) and autonomous (Acció, Extenda, Spri), in order to collaborate with our clients in cases in which they wish to opt for a public tender to favour your export process.


Carrying out a viability plan for a company close to operating beyond its borders is essential, so that it provides the relevant information for the contest to which it wishes to present itself.


The financial economic plan of a company that opts for public tender must adapt to the required characteristics, at Quabbala we work with you in order to present a financial economic study of your project adapted to the relevant external promotion agency, ensuring a data selection process adjusted to the established requirements.


Economic studies for public contest


The economic viability of a company reveals the situation of a certain company by means of a precise analysis, these processes are usually mandatory to qualify for public tenders, in order to know both the international projects of the selected companies, and their situation financial in the present.


Doing an optimal previous work allows a company to opt for a public subsidy in better conditions, at Quabbala we put our experience at the service of our clients so that they have the possibility of presenting adapted financial plans, as well as strategic internationalization plans optimized to qualify for competitions public.