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Representation for international financial agreements


Finding investors for an international project can be one of the most complicated stages when it comes to carrying out an internationalization process. International financial negotiation requires not only know the land in which we are going to move, it is also very common that certain operations need a local partner, capable of providing the experience of a settled company. The search for partners for international business is part of our work, in Quabbala we detect companies capable of helping us to integrate into the local market, we even tested the possibility of collaborating with a capitalist partner for an international business, with the ability to be part of the financing of the project.


Our work in the negotiation of agreements includes active representation, as well as the search for financial, commercial and industrial partners in the areas in which our clients plan to settle. Our experience in different regions of the world allows us to know all kinds of corporations with which to seal financial agreements, a field work that is only possible through an active and long-lasting search.


Search for partners for international business



The active search for partners to develop international projects is a long-term process, to achieve the expected results it is necessary to work with a wide network of local relations, with which to count at the time of establishing agreements.


The beginning of an internationalization process needs financial, commercial and industrial partners, our work allows us to find investors for an international project, with partners interested in sharing the objectives we have established for our project.