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Financial legal expertise


The work of legal expertise is based on an auxiliary collaboration service for legal cases, especially useful in economic-financial cases. Judicial experts carry out assessments, in this case related to the finances of a company or the legal situation in which it is located, in order to issue an objective and useful assessment.


A judicial expert must adapt to all types of services, allowing to clarify different technical aspects related to each case, at Quabbala we have legal experts supported by a team of experts in different areas, able to prepare reports on legal issues that may affect a company.


Judicial and economic experts


At present the performance of a computer legal expert is decisive to solve all kinds of legal issues, in Quabbala we provide our clients with computerized judicial expert services capable of analyzing all kinds of variables in cases that require an expert performance.


From Quabbala we work to offer our clients an integral service, for that reason we prepare expert teams oriented to corporate legal cases in order to collaborate with our clients in judicial cases that affect their activity.