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Business and financial restructuring plans


The constant change of markets means that companies must continually adapt to the situation of which they are part. A corporation should not remain static without taking into account the situation in which it is immersed, hence the need for a business restructuring plan in all kinds of situations, in order to build dynamic and adaptable strategies.


There are different types of company restructuring, from financial restructuring to personnel restructuring, in order to allow companies to model their strategies according to their needs or external demands. At Quabbala, we design economic-financial plans related to corporate restructuring, as well as other operational and financial services.


Bankruptcy process and debt reunification


The financial and business restructuring affects especially companies in bankruptcy proceedings. This type of procedure seeks a solution for the pending obligations of a company through a total restructuring of its unrealized payments. All corporate restructuring processes must be completed in a fair manner and allow to operate, as far as possible, more effectively than in the previous situation.


At Quabbala we are experts in insolvency proceedings and debt refinancing, we design economic-financial restructuring plans in both insolvency proceedings and in other situations that require immediate adaptation. Our clients have at all times situation analysis and short and long term adaptation strategies, prepared to face all kinds of corporate restructuring.