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Accounting review and internal audit


The accounting review and external audit services are internal analysis mechanisms that companies use to perform evaluations of their activity and financial statements. By means of this type of analysis a global vision of the present situation of a company is obtained, information that is essential for tasks such as the realization of strategic plans or internationalization projects.


At Quabbala, we perform business financial review work for our clients. As an external audit company, we take charge of gathering the basic information necessary to analyze the financial status of the company and issue the pertinent conclusions.


Audit and corporate accounting review


An accounting review refers to an examination of the annual accounts of a company, determining if its situation is in accordance with the accounting principles commonly used. In the case of the audit of the financial statements, it is an examination by a body independent of the accounts of a company, in order to issue an opinion or subsequent evaluation that reflects the financial status of the company audited.


The audits must be carried out by professional experts in accounting, books and accounting records, in this way the status of compliance with accounting standards by the corporation is reviewed.


The essential requirement for an audit to be effective is that it be carried out by independent personnel, in Quabbala we carry out a professional job, whose objective is to establish parameters with which to evaluate the financial situation of the audited company in an objective manner, capable of providing an objective global evaluation.