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Econometric models of sale and product


The traditional econometric model tries to handle all kinds of statistical and mathematical variables to elaborate an economic prediction plan, however the econometrics work must integrate all kinds of analysis techniques, in order to achieve a series of reliable conclusions in order to future projects. Financial econometrics is only reliable if you work with multidisciplinary teams, integrating different sectors of the economy.


Foreign trade and business internationalization processes must be preceded by a comprehensive econometric analysis, adapted to both the interested company and the market in which it plans to integrate, in this way we can anticipate future market movements and establish secure strategies.


At Quabbala we manage interdependent teams, so that the information obtained by each one of them results in a reliable adapted econometric analysis, with the precise keys that will help us to anticipate the financial consequences that we have to face in the future, both, medium to long term.


Econometric analysis and economic prediction


The economic prediction tries to respond to the possible movements that will occur in a given sector over a period of time, econometrics analyzes the present situation and the behavior of the markets in the past, in order to determine the situations that are can give both medium and long term.


At Quabbala we work with different models of financial econometrics, so that they adapt to the situation that our clients need. Our econometrics work propitiates accurate analysis, able to foresee the situations posed by a market for future movements, in this way the decision making and strategic dispositions are made based on reliable data, provided by contrasted econometric models.