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Valuation and appraisal of companies


The valuation of a company must provide a general and accurate overview of its present financial situation, information necessary in cases of merger or acquisition. Sales notebooks are one of the most effective business valuation methods, because they contain the information necessary to evaluate the general financial condition of a company.


At Quabbala we provide our clients with all the necessary services so that their operations, both national and international, are successful and carried out safely, that is why we form a specialized team, formed by lawyers as well as economic analysts, oriented to fusion operations and business acquisition.


When we consider how to value a company for its sale, we must take into account all kinds of factors that affect its situation, hence the need to form multidisciplinary teams, capable of providing very diverse information, resulting in a comprehensive and truthful conclusion. We are experts in the valuation of companies and international sales and procurement processes, our experience in all types of sectors supports us.


Valuation of companies for acquisitions and sales


The perception of a company for sale, or immersed in a merger process, must be concrete and useful. The sale notebooks provide the necessary analysis to establish the conditions of the sale or merger, however, developing sales notebooks and business analysis is not easy, to achieve this you need the collaboration of different professionals capable of evaluating each of the aspects that intervene in the operation of the company.


At Quabbala we have participated in different processes, all of them with different characteristics, providing an accurate analysis, focused on the issues that may affect the different parties involved.


Our services reach all kinds of international operations, our different headquarters work to provide their vision about the regions in which they operate, participating in the analysis through an exhaustive study of the market situation in which the process is integrated.